Stability and reliability of work in the offices at Mikom Palace

Sophisticated technical equipment of Mikom Palace makes your stay inside the building comfortable. Everything is made convenient and practical. Any technical matters are quickly resolved by employees of the Business Center without prejudice to the operation of companies.
Power supply
Mikom Palace has two independent power supply (630 kW each) and a transforming station, which provides uninterrupted supply of electricity for the building. In the failure of any single power supply, Business Center continues to function without any impact on the operation of tenants.
Air conditioning
All premises are equipped with high quality air conditioning system by DAIKIN (Japan), which allows to establish the controlled environment. Each tenant can use a remote control to create a comfortable working environment.
Fire safety and heating
The building is equipped with fire alarm, smoke removal and fire warning systems with one of alarms directly connected to fire station. Fire hydrants and extinguishers are available on every floor. Business center has a centralized heating system.
IP and telephone
Business center has fiber-optic communications with high interference resistance, which are capable of supporting fast and reliable Internet connection at any network loading. Providers offer unlimited number of telephone lines and Internet.
Building has a twenty-four-hour security service, which is monitoring over the inside and outside of the facility. Business center has video cameras with the observation point at the security desk.
Elevator system
Mikom Palace has four modern Lux Class elevators produced by ThyssenKrupp (Germany), offering perfect transportation of passengers and cargo in a highly efficient and comfortable manner. Two lifts have a lifting capacity of 1,000 kg, while the other two – 630 kg. Lifts by ThyssenKrupp were awarded with a special prize in 2010 for their ultra-modern design.