Office premises in Mikom Palace for any field of activity

The total area of ​​the Business Center is 10913 m² and the area of ​​each of 10 floors is around 1,000 sq.m. The building was put into operation in 2008.

Acceptable rents and functional office premises of Mikom Palace are one of many reasons for our tenants to prefer long-term collaboration. The main tenants are financial and pharmaceutical companies, large online shops, and prominent manufacturers of goods.

Mikom Palace employees can always help you with selecting a premise for any field of activity taking into account the individual needs of your company.


Business Center is built in the form of two converging triangles. The outer walls, which are fronted with tiles and glass, are heat-insulated and have a ventilation system. Partial glazing and many windows inside the office premises allow for the maximum amount of daylight.

Building has two entries. Business Center offers a card access system for company employees with the registration of working hours. Visitors are allowed inside the Office Center upon presentment of IDs. Security personnel registers all visitors.

Ground floor has a stylish cafe offering decent cuisine. The spacious premise of around 250 sq. m can be used for business negotiations or as a canteen for employees.

There is a large parking area for 190 cars (1 parking place per each 65 sq. m of the rented area) around the building. Cleaning services for the surrounding area and premises inside the office center are provided by the Business Center.


Mikom Palace has a stylish and neat interior. It is designed with account for main trends in office design and technological conveniences for the effective operation of companies.

Business Centre has an open planning and high ceilings, which allows tenants to organize the rented premise according to their preferences. High-quality interior decoration saves the tenants from spending additional funds on the repair.